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Latest Thai news: The Thai Government, over the past 3 years, has continuously spoken of change in the education system and yet little has been achieved to advance the learning of the English language in schools.

Late last year the Thai Government announced measures to make special working visas for foreign nationals, whose native language is English, to come to Thailand and work in schools.

Nearly one year on and with the Thai Government pushing back its inauguration into AEC, little appears to have been achieved; leaving many to suspect that the Thai Government, come 2016, will again delay its presence in the AEC.

The official Thai slogan for Thailand, or at least one of them, is ‘The Land of Smiles’. Unfortunately it is nothing unusual to see this slogan twisted into ‘The Land of Scams’ as Thais are often accused of scamming foreign nationals out of their money.

A famous teacher placement agency is that of ‘Smartkurve’ or as one of its other aliases ‘ESLThailand’, ‘MEPPLUS’, ‘Edknovate’ and ‘Axiom Recruitment’.

All are run by and individual known as Kirk Phatumanum who has built up the unenviable reputation of scamming foreign teacher which is so prolific that it has forced him to change the company name on several occasions.

In a recent investigation it now looks like Kirk Pathumanun now has yet another set of companies; including ‘Double Knowledge’ and ‘Quest Club’ but there might be more.

Schools like ChanHunBamPhen School or Chan Hun BamPhen School, Sarawittaya School and Streesmutprakan School are in on the deal with this so called job agency. Both parties keep this scam system alive and legal or illegal foreign teachers are sacked without pay after doing work. Teachers in Thailand beware for this massive education scam! It seems that even Thailand's natural resource and environment minister Suwit Khunkitti is involved through shares of the same company or companies...!


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Kirk Pathumanun inquiry ‎Kinect for Windows

January 22, 2013 · Bangkok, Thailand.

Hello I would like to inquire on how to become a Kinect reseller in my country of Thailand.Any information would be great and I have purchase two of the Kinect for Window in Singapore!

New Business for Kirk scammer?

A big NO NO for Thailand i say...once a Pathumanun always a scammer!

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